Ron is the name. I'm a Fashion Photographer/Artist who loves to write and entertain. I'm a artsy guy who is very passionate about the things I believe in.. Follow me, I always follow back.. Welcome to my world. Enjoy.

Twitter: RonTheArtist_


At this point in life I’m supposed to be somewhere residing in Cali, traveling to location to location for my career. : /

The edits from the shoot w/ @x_reeseycup and @dope_ass_loner are posted. Check them out on my fan page at

Also if you’re a model in the Indianapolis area looking to possibly collaborate, email me at w/ your info (name, age, height, and a couple of photos of yourself).

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A glimpse from Behind the Scenes in my most recent shoot w/ @dope_ass_loner and @x_reeseycup.. Goal 1 - Obtained ✅
Goal 2 - Obtained ✅
Goal 3 - In Progress
Goal 4 - Obtained ✅

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American Idol Season 13 →

Everyone check out my #Idol blog on tonight’s elimination.

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